Delete Categories

When you remove a shop category, the database record will be permanently removed and cannot be retrieved at a later stage. Additionally, all associations will be recursively removed as well. For example, if you remove a category, all the products within that category will be removed and so will all the associations (files, images, etc…) to each of those products.

Remove Single Category

In order to remove a single category, click on the title link of the specific category in the “Categories” section of the plugin in order to view the full details of the category. At the top, in the blue navigation bar, you will notice a button with the caption “Delete”. Click this button to remove the category.

Remove Multiple Categories

In the “Categories” section of the plugin, tabular data of all your current shop categories in the database will be displayed. To the left of each record, you will notice a checkbox element. Use these checkboxes to tick off/select all the categories you wish to remove. With the appropriate categories selected, click the “Delete Selected” button at the top, in the blue navigation bar.

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