WordPress Shopping Cart v1.5 release notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5 release notes.


  • Parsing of shortcodes in product descriptions and additional descriptions such as shortcodes from 3rd party plugins.
  • Canada Post (Sell Online) shipping module has been integrated.
  • ‘Extra Images’ box on the ‘Save a Product’ screen to manage product images while working on a product.
  • Product wholesale price.
  • Percentage based shipping for additional product shipping calculated on either the product fixed price or wholesale price.
  • Setting to display the related products in a list or a grid disregarding the current products layout on category pages.
  • Global, minimum shipping total which can override any calculated shipping if it is less and if this feature is turned On.
  • Quickly add new shop categories on the ‘Save a Product’ screen while working on a product.
  • Configuration setting to specify the price decimal separator for the front-end. The default is dot (.).


  • Switched the tabbing system to the jQuery UI tabbing system. Its pretty!
  • Database table collation to utf8_general_ci for language compatibility.
  • Contacts step of the checkout process now has 2 tabs. One for ‘New Customer’ and another for ‘Returning Customer’.


  • ‘View all images’ link from a product page showing all extra product images now works as expected.
  • ‘Complete Order’ URL in the shopping cart widget has been fixed.
  • Authorize.net didn’t show in the WordPress theme after processing credit card details. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed some sorting options for the [wpcoproducts] shortcode.


  • Custom CSS won’t be written to a file anymore and it saved to the database from where it will be taken to be displayed on the front-end.


  • Sorting options have been removed from the related products.

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