Checkout: Canada Post

Canada Post uses the Sell Online shipping module which has been integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

The shopping cart will obtain shipping methods, each respectively with a delivery date and a rate for customers to choose from on the shipping step of the checkout process.

Follow these steps to get started with Canada Post and the WordPress Shopping Cart:

1. Get a Canada Post account

You can register for a Canada Post account on the Canada Post website. Within moments, you will receive a confirmation email from Canada Post together with your Customer Number. Make a note of this customer number.

2. Get a Sell Online shipping profile

To get a Sell Online shipping profile to use with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin you must send an email to with your Canada Post customer number and all your personal/business details such as name, phone number, address, etc.

3. Configure the plugin

In order to use Canada Post with the shopping cart, you must go to Checkout > Shipping Methods and click the ‘Add New’ button at the top to create a new shipping method.

You can now fill in a name for your shipping method and you may leave the fixed price value empty or make it null (0) because the fixed price will not be used at all. Select “Canada Post” for the “Use API” setting and you will see several more settings become available.

Now fill in your Sell Online retailer ID which you can obtain from your Sell Online shipping profile. Then fill in the origin zip code and the average turnaround time for orders which you would like to offer.

That’s it! The plugin will now do the rest.

Troubleshooting Canada Post

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