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Customer Experience > Checkout > Contacts

This step of the WordPress Shopping Cart checkout procedure is only displayed if someone is not already logged into your WordPress website as a customer.

When a user checks out they may be required to register as a user/customer or alternatively login if they already have an account.

As you can see from the image below, there are 2 tabs there for customers to select on the Contacts step. If a customer is signing up for the first time they will use the, “New Customer,” tab. Depeding on how you have configured your plugin (according to information in the next paragraph) you might not see all the fields seen in the below screenshot. Some admin may wish to send the new customer a randomly generated password in which case the, “Password & Retype Password,” field are replaced with the text, “Password will be emailed to you.”

When a returning customers begins to check out they will see only 2 fields towhich are required to login. They must provide either a Username of Email and theirPassword. When they continue all their Shipping and Billing infomaration will already be filled in for them as a convenience – their old information can be edited before if they wish to.


*Please note: The Shopping Cart plugin does not store any credit card information from your customers that is provided during the checkout process.



Under Checkout > Configuration > User Related Settings in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin there are some settings related to the WordPress users created by the plugin which may be changed according to your needs.

Password Preference

The above feature can be set to you own preferences and is done in the configuration section of Checkout.

To enable this feature ‘Password Preferance’ can be set to ‘Yes’ if you want to allow customers to creat their own password. Setting this to ‘No’ will instruct Checkout to generate an unique password. This may be the more secure option but computer generated passwords are often hard to remember.

New User Notification

Turning the ‘New User Notification’ setting On will let WordPress send an email to the customer with their new WordPress user account username/password. To prevent this registration notification, simply turn this setting Off.

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