Checkout v1.5.3 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.3 release notes.


  • Serial key validation.
  • Sorting of the shop categories widget.
  • Virtual Merchant payment gateway.
  • Customers and admin can save PDF invoices.
  • Shopping cart shortcode from the TinyMCE button.
  • Shop categories grid/list from the TinyMCE button.
  • Automatic creation of Shop, Your Account and Shopping Cart pages.
  • “Your Account” page for orders history, downloads, etc.
  • Ability to send an invoice to a customer when viewing an order.
  • Products text search widget.
  • Setting to hide categories on the product page.
  • Setting to hide keywords on the product page.
  • Setting to make a product with variations act as the same item/price.
  • Target markets list so you can choose which countries should show up.
  • Choose accepted cards for the Manual POS payment method.
  • Setting to hide shopping cart widget when empty.
  • Multiple tax rates by country and/or state.
  • FedEx shipping rate calculator.


  • Per page feature in Product Images admin section did not update.
  • Per page feature in Custom Fields admin section did not update.
  • Per page feature in Shop Categories admin section did not update.
  • Shop categories widget did not show drop down when configured.
  • Latest products widget did not show the number until refreshed.
  • “Reset to Defaults” link didn’t load the new settings as intended.
  • Widget ‘Empty Shopping Cart’ link did not work in Internet Explorer.
  • Cart contents got dropped when someone logged in as Returning Customer.


  • WordPress shortcode API for Suppliers. [wpcosupplier id=X]
  • Improved the ‘Update Content’ setting so post/page content is kept intact.


  • Removed the blank layout completely for checkout, orders history, downloads etc. All Shopping Cart plugin functions will now be inside the WordPress theme.

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