Checkout v1.5.5 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.5 release notes.


  • Shipping, payment method and other fields available when editing orders.
  • Sorting of variation options within product variations.
  • USPS rate calculator API has been integrated.
  • Last 4 digits of Manual POS credit card number on invoices.
  • Built-in Gzip compression for speed and performance.
  • Column for item options when viewing a single order.
  • Payment method name is now shown on the invoices.
  • Suppliers can login and add/edit their own products in the shop.
  • Order filters and static order data has been implemented.
  • Icons to identify digital/tangible products in the Products section.
  • Overlay for adding items with Ajax to prevent shifting of layout.
  • Description for “Content access for logged in users only” setting.
  • Wholesale price field is now included in the CSV products importing.
  • Custom fields/variations now has a caption/description field.
  • Ability to quickly add suppliers while saving a product using Ajax.
  • Favorite products for logged in customers.
  • Saving categories from product editing screen has loading indicator.
  • ‘Load Countries’ link if countries didn’t load into the DB as expected.
  • Customers can remove applied discount from the shopping cart.


  • Fields added to the customer profile page in WordPress.
  • Digital files can now be attached to tangible products as well.
  • Improved cookies to ensure a unique string generated each time.
  • Changed ‘update_user_meta’ back to ‘update_usermeta’ for older WordPress.
  • Product names are now displayed for Virtual Merchant checkout.


  • Order modified date didn’t update after an order was completed.
  • ‘Email Settings’ for SMTP didn’t show the fields in Configuration.
  • ‘Content access to logged in users’ setting didn’t work as intended.
  • Enter key to save category while adding a product saved product instead.
  • wasn’t using the purchase invoice layout from Configuration.
  • Emptying the cart showed “There are no items in your…” message dialog.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ text links didn’t work in the products loop layout.
  • ‘Orders History’ link after manual payment was broken.
  • Billing page to First Data didn’t redirect through to First Data.
  • Related products drag and drop improvements.
  • DOMPDF security vulnerability.
  • Customer ‘View Order’ icon/link didn’t work with default permalinks.
  • With shipping unavailable, billing showed “Billing details same as…” checkbox.
  • PHP eregi() changed to more appropriate preg_match() throughout.
  • Realex redirect to improve Realex and custom payment page layouts.
  • Products search widget didn’t work with default WordPress permalinks.
  • Discount coupon larger than order total cannot be applied to order.
  • Fixes to States loading under Configuration with one target market active.
  • User permissions on the “Import Products” section had no effect.

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