Shopping Cart: Correct CSV format

This applies to importing a products CSV file into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Some people may experience issues with uploading products via a CSV file even though you have saved it as CSV (comma delimited). This is a little issue that seems to happen sometimes. You can check the file is in the correct format by opening it in Notepad or similar software.

The image below shows a CSV file in the incorrect format. Notice how all the products are essentially displayed as a long string of text. They should each be displayed  on a new line.

click to enlarge

Below shows an image in Notepad in the correct CSV format.

click to enlarge

The difference between the two images is obvious. The correct format displays each product on a new line where as the incorrect is a continuous line of information. To correct the format, you simply need to re-save as a CSV (comma delimited) file, check again in Notepad, it should now be in the correct format. Not sure as to why this happens but it is the only way to fix it.

If you still experience problems, please contact us.

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