Checkout v1.5.6 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.6 release notes.


  • The ability to sort/order product variations (defaults to creation date)
  • Sup asterix for required shipping/billing fields
  • Company, phone, fax, fields and so on in the profile page
  • Moneybookers quick checkout
  • Email address of the customer on the invoice
  • Ability to add the coupon code entry as as a sidebar widget
  • Show product inventory in the products section
  • “Laser” for Manual POS
  • Minimum order bulk action in Products section
  • Per page for shipping methods
  • 2CheckOut logo when processing 2CheckOut order
  • Shipped “N/A” for non-tangible orders
  • Ability to export Orders and Customers
  • Invoice setting to just display company name
  • Ability to activate/deactivate shipping methods
  • Mark as shipped/NOT shipped links when viewing an order
  • Mark as (not) completed bulk actions in the Orders section
  • Button caption/title for each individual product
  • Footer/comment field for the invoice template
  • Ability to choose to display best price or base price
  • Coupon Code filed in Shhipping and Billing steps
  • Show shipping details on invoice
  • Show order item options and global order options on supplier and merchant/customer invoice emails
  • Product code added to the purchase invoice template
  • Ability to turn off the customer invoices and PDF invoices
  • Email to the merchant when a supplier adds a new product with a link to review and activate
  • Supplier added products are saved as inactive by default
  • Improved Products section search, now searches keywords as well
  • Basic filters in the Products section
  • Indonesian CURRENCY
  • Ability to activate/deactivate products individually


  • The supplier order confirmation email/invoice
  • Preview invoice in setttings
  • Faster API shipping
  • Gzip Compression feature is now OFF by default
  • Choose the WordPress post/page when editing a product
  • Open “View on front” link for products in Products section in new tab/window
  • Show custom shipping type when viewing order
  • Filters in the Orders section
  • Select USPS services to use
  • Load Javascript in the footer


  • Clicking the back button in the billing step returned to Shipping even if no tangible items were in the cart
  • The text link on product page for adding to cart
  • Affiliate Products didn’t redirect when added to cart
  • Marking as Paid or Completed was never saved when editing an order
  • The “insert into post” button issue
  • Global minimum shipping doesn’t work with the APIs
  • Calculate tax when no Shipping step is available
  • Categories column on products import was broken
  • Fixed tax rates “undefined” states
  • The billing page layout
  • Search in Shipping Methods section
  • Change FedEx gateway URL in all places
  • 2CheckOut totals need to have number_format
  • Check the “add to basket” button when product options are inside a tab
  • Tax rates don’t work when shipping is disabled
  • Digital files didn’t work for tangible products
  • Digital file download link didn’t work with default permalink structure
  • Tax rate does not calculate with state “undefined”
  • Download link on shopping cart page is broken
  • Clicking YES for “Universal Text Box” doesn’t expand for more settings
  • USPS DIV always shows
  • Use number_format for PayPal total match
  • Favorite products link in customer’s account page

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