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The Shipping step in the checkout procedure captures the shipping details of your customers. The Shipping step will only be in effect when there are:

  • Tangible items in the shopping cart
  • Shipping methods created and active under Checkout > Shipping Methods

Below are some images that will help give you an idea of the process your customers will go through when using the Shopping Cart plugin. After having added items to their cart, the customer can click the ‘Complete Order’ link provided in the sidebar widget.

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1) Complete Order

When the customer is satisfied with the the items in their cart they need to go and pay for them. They can begin the check out procedure by clicking the Complete Order link from the widget as seen by [1]. ALternatively, they can navigate to this page by clicking the, “Complete Order,” link in the cart/basket page.

2) Shipping Step

As you can see by [2] the Shipping Step is the first of 4 steps in the checkout process. This step catures the customers shipping details and provides the customer with the choice of available shipping methods. As mentioned earlier, shipping methods are created under Checkout > Shipping Methods.

3) Shipping Methods

From the image, you can see that I have set up 3 test shipping methods. Of these 3 methods, 2 are Shipping APIs built into the plugin, the other is a custom shipping method intended for Cash on Delivery purposes. The customer must select ONE of these to continue. (You can set a default shipping method in Checkout > Configuration which will be selected by default. All your available shipping methods are displayed here, you cannot hide certain ones depending on certain customer criteria)

4) Order Summary

This just shows the details of the order. The amount of items added to the cart, the amount of units (item is a product, I added 3 units of one prodcut) it shows the subtotal and then the final total.

The image below is a continuation of the previous image.

click to enlarge

5) Shipping Information

All the fields shown in the image is required information from you customer in order to successfully complete the shipping step of the check out process. You’ll notice one field that isn’t required, that is because it is just extra space for people that very long addresses sometimes.

6) Continue Button

After the customer has fully completed all the above actions and has filled out the shipping details then they will proceed to the billing step by clicking the ‘Continue’ button shown at [6]. If they wish not to checkout, there is a “Back” link provided that will navigate them away from the checkout procedure.

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