Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.1.2 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes.


  • LUCY payment gateway.
  • Max/Min values for width and length of “per square unit” pricing.
  • Ability to choose measurement unit per product.


  • TinyMCE function products didn’t show when category was selected.
  • Problem with images and CSV products import.
  • CSS and JS cannot use WP_PLUGIN_URL because https:// breaks.
  • Ajax update price breaks layout when Ajax is turned off.
  • FedEx post size Expect header.
  • Custom CSS wasn’t loading due to the recent theming system.
  • CC expiration date field not validating.
  • Surcharge with 3 decimal places.
  • Redirect to shopping cart with Ajax off.
  • Add to Basket text link doesn’t work with Ajax turned OFF.


  • Use wp_ajax_ for product update price.

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