Shopping Cart v1.6.5 release notes (Desain)


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.5 release notes.

Codename: Desain


  • Added a “date picker” custom field type
  • The ability to specify multiple/bulk codes when creating a discount coupon
  • Integrated the UPS API to calculate shipping rates
  • TimThumb has been fully integrated for all images
  • Show Inventory/Stock on the front-end product page
  • Integrate the Realex Payments realauth REMOTE payment gateway
  • The email/pdf order receipt/invoice now has a paid status on it
  • Integrated the USPS API v4
  • Dimensions added for the supplier logo images
  • Tax Exempt products
  • Tax Override for products
  • Drag+Drop interface to order/sort Shop Categories
  • WorldPay Payment Method


  • [wpcocategories] sorting has been fixed
  • Problem with price calculation on Price per Square Unit and Ajax has been fixed
  • Can now enable/disable invoices again
  • Was a link title mistake in the Order Variations section
  • Realex Payments redirect now uses Javascript
  • Password Protect posts/pages directly when creating/editing a product
  • State/Province selction now becomes inactive if selected country has no states/provinces when adding additional tax rates.
  • Rebuilding (“Update all shop posts/pages” link) now saves post categories as well
  • Variations and Custom Fields now show inthe order invoice again
  • Global Custom Fields no longer update the price (calculating…)
  • There was an issue with the jquery-ui.css file in the plugin
  • The plugin now passed the country code through to PayPal Pro
  • Additional Descriptions disappearing when editing a product has been fixed
  • View All Images” and Permalinks issue is resolved
  • Setting order quantity higher than inventory/stock is no longer possible
  • PayPal surcharge setting no loonger breaks the PayPal Standard pament form
  • Stripslashes on descriptions, titles and so on when using single or double quotes
  • Tax wasn’t calculating on the Shipping Step
  • "Colorbox is not a function" issue has been sorted
  • Serial key used to reset when configuration was reset – has been fixed


  • The plugin’s URI has been changed in the core file
  • Changed “Keywords” to “Tags” on the Save a Product Screen
  • Thickbox replaced with Colorbox for images and other overlay windows (works great)
  • Ajax price calculaton now works even if Ajax is turned off for the add to cart process
  • Add to Cart” button text bulk action in Checkout > Products screen
  • Switched out the old PDF library, now using HtmlToPDFM
  • Set As Global” drop down option in Checkout > Custom Fields
  • Order Summary box on the shipping/billing steps have an ID/class for CSS edits
  • Invoice Settings” tab in Checkout > Configuration section
  • eWay now marks orders as paid for other response codes as well
  • Added the customer phone number to the AIM CURL request string
  • Only jQuery UI tabs is now loaded
  • Add to Basket” button is inactive when price is calcualting (variation and field prices)
  • Back” buttons in checkout changed to Javascript history.go to load quicker
  • product variations/fields on post are prefilled
  • Some improvement of the “In Honour Of” for donation products


  • Removed the “Configuration sections” box from Checkout > Configuration section
  • Removed the Custom Fields on the Custom Payment Method – Use Global Fields
  • Removed the UTF8 Header
  • wp-checkout-tabber.css file isn’t used anymore and was removed
  • Integrate the Realex Payments realauth REMOTE payment gateway

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