Checkout: Australia Post DRC API

The Australia Post DRC API has been integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to calculate real-time shipping services and rates for your customers during checkout.

You will need to create one or more Australia Post shipping method under Checkout > Shipping Methods. It is recommended that you create 5 shipping methods (Standard, Economy, Express, Air and Sea) for Australia Post.

1. Pickup Postcode

This is the postal code where all orders will be picked up from to be sent out to customers.

2. Service Types

Tick/check the Australia Post services that you want to fetch rates for. Standard, Express, Express Platinum and Economy are for domestic (Australia) shipping addresses while Air, Sea and Express International are for international addresses.

3. Debugging

If you experience any issues with Australia post you should turn “ON” debugging and you should see a fatal error which you should report to your host provider so you can be helped immediately. Debugging Should be turned “OFF” if you are on a live/production site to prevent errors from occurring to you and to customers. Its harmless but could confuse customers.

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