Checkout: WorldPay (HTML Redirect)

Setup WorldPay (HTML Redirect) on WordPress.

WorldPay for WordPress

The WorldPay (HTML Redirect) payment method has been integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin for easy payments in your WordPress shop.

Follow the instructions below to set up this payment method:

Configure the Shopping Cart plugin

Go to Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > WorldPay.

WorldPay configuration settings

The following settings are available:

1. Title/Caption

This is simply the title/caption which will be displayed during checkout, on the order receipts and in the administration panel for this payment method.

2. Installation ID

Your unique WorldPay installation ID provided by WorldPay. It can be obtained from your WorldPay merchant panel under the “Installations” menu.

3. Test Mode

Turn On/Off test mode with this setting. Your installation ID used above will have two sets of configuration settings, one for test and one for prodution. When you turn on test mode, be sure to configure the test settings for the installation ID. Or production settings when you turn off the test mode.

When you are done with these 3 settings, save the settings accordingly.

Configure your WorldPay merchant panel

Login to your WorldPay merchant panel and go to “Installations“.

WorldPay integration setup

Click the spanner/wrench for the Integration Setup.
You’ll be taken to a page with a list of settings.

WorldPay payment response URL

The “Payment Response URL” value is the line below where the “” part should be replaced with your unique URL to your shopping cart page in your WordPress shop.

<wpdisplay item=MC_callback-ppe empty="">

See the instructions on the WorldPay website.

Then tick/check the “Payment Response enabled?” and “Enable the Shopper Response” checkboxes in order for the response to be sent back to your server.

Then save the settings and you are done. You can now start processing transactions through your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and WorldPay account.

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