Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.6.2 (Velox) release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.6.2 (Velox) release notes.

Codename: Velox


  • From Email setting for emails.
  • From Name setting for emails.
  • USPS debugging setting.
  • Products post/page bulk actions.


  • Save WP user meta on user/customer creation.
  • Changed PHP mail to WP mail.
  • Changed ‘Checkout’ to ‘Start Checkout’ button in widget.
  • Pre-select shipping method in select drop down shipping.
  • Australia Post doesn’t require ‘Based on Order Weight’ anymore.


  • “Incl Tax” text didn’t show on ‘simpleblue’ theme.
  • Prevent overwriting data of different users in the same browser.
  • WordPress 3.3 userdata fix.
  • “Cannot load checkout-settings” error in WordPress 3.3 fixed.
  • Select drop down shipping methods in ‘simpleblue’ theme.

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