Checkout: Save a Variation Option

Checkout > Variation  Options > Save Variation Option


1. Title

You can give your variation a name in the title.

2. Caption

Add a caption/description for the variation option.

3. Image

You can choose an image from your computer/gallery by clicking on the browse button.

4. Variation

Here you can obviously choose the variation option you created in the “variation options” .

5. Add Price

This option shows “NO” as default. You must ticket the “YES” option to add a price to your variation. Ticking the “NO” option will take out the part where a price is needed.

6. Price

You will type in the price for your variation of you ticket the “YES” button on #4 (add price)

7. Conditional Prices

Configure alternative prices for this variation option, conditionally based on the selections of variation options on other product variations.

8. Weight

Insert the weight of your variation option. This weight will be calculated on top of your product weight.

9. Save Variation Options

After filling in all the field , save your variation options.

10. Continue Editing

Check this box if you need to edit this product again after saving. It will keep you on this page and not redirect back to the variation options page.

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