Checkout: Configuration > Products & Images > Product Variations & Options

Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Product Variations & Options


Show Price/Percentage

Tick this setting if you want to show the price and symbol next to a variation option, if you only need to show the variation option without the price, untick this setting.

Thumbnail Label/Caption

You can choose if you would like the label/caption to be shown when a thumbnail is used on a radio/checkbox variation option by ticking the Show button. This is set when creating/editing the variation option.

Thumbnail Zoom Option

If you have set images on your variation options and you have the Zoom Gallery extension installed then you can “Enable” this option, it uses the zoom window to show the original dimensions of the image. If the extension is not installed, the option is “Disabled” and will use the pop-up effect for enlarged images.

Thumbnail Dimension

You can choose the height and width of the variation options thumbnail images here.

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