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With the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you can display your shop categories in your WordPress site’s sidebar(s) according to your needs.

It can display main categories only or main and sub categories either in an unordered list of links or as a select drop down menu.

Additionally you can sort/order the categories as needed. Several fields are available to order by and you can choose to order them in either an ascending or descending manner.

To add a shop categories widget to your sidebar(s) go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard and drag a ‘Checkout‘ widget to one of your sidebars and configure it as shown below.

Configure the Widget


1. Title

On the title you can name your widget to the preferred name you would like to use.

2. Display

Select “Shop Categories” in the ‘Display’ drop down menu to continue configuring the shop categories sidebar widget.

3. Show Only Main Categories

Set this to ‘Yes’ if you want to show only main/parent categories and to ‘No’ if you want to display sub-categories in the shop categories widget as well.

4. Show Product Count

Show the amount of products in the category

5. Sorting Of Categories

You have a few options here of how you would like your categories to be displayed for example: title/name, created date, modified date, parent category, id number, and then you can still decide if you would like the selected category to be ascending or descending.

6. Show As Dropdown

You can show shop categories either as an unordered list of links or a select drop down menu. Making this setting ‘Yes’ will show a drop down menu and making it ‘No’ will show the unordered list of links.

9. Save

When you are done edit/creating your widget, you need to click save for changes to take affect and show on the front end of your page.

Front-end Display


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