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With the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you can display your products suppliers in your WordPress site’s sidebar(s) according to your needs.

When selecting “product suppliers” in the “show dropdown” in the widget, it will give you a widget which will show all your suppliers in the front end of your site to customers.

To add a products suppliers widget to your sidebar(s) go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard and drag a ‘Checkout‘ widget to one of your sidebars and configure it as shown below.

Configure The Widget


1. Title

On the title you can name your widget to the preferred name you would like to use.

2. Display

You can choose the “product suppliers” to see where your products was ordered from.

3. Show as dropdown

You can show product suppliers either as an unordered list of links or a select drop down menu. Making this setting ‘Yes’ will show a drop down menu and making it ‘No’ will show the unordered list of links.

4. Save

When you are done edit/creating your widget, you need to click save for changes to take affect and show on the front end of your page.

Front-end Display

It will show accordingly on the front-end of your website.


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