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The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will fire filter hooks throughout it’s code so that you can hook with custom filters onto these filters hooks while receiving parameters and apply your own functions.

It works exactly like the WordPress Plugin API/Filter Reference by using the apply_filters() function and the filter hooks are used in the same manner as that of WordPress.

This filter reference is constantly updated with new filter hooks as the plugin is updated so search here or request a new filter hook if you’re looking for something specific.

General Filters

  • wpco_get_option_$name – Runs when a specific option is fetched where $name is the name/slug of the option.

Orders Filters

Tax Filters

  • wpco_tax_total – Applied to the tax total calculated on an order.

Shopping Cart Filters

  • wpco_cart_validation – Applied to the cart errors of the shopping cart step.

Shipping Filters

  • wpco_shipping_validation – Applied to the shipping errors of the shipping step.

Billing Filters

  • wpco_billing_validation – Applied to the billing errors of the billing step.

Extensions Filters

  • checkout_extensions_list – Applied to the list of extension plugins so that they can be altered or an extension can be added to the list.

Payment Method Filters

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