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This post is to document the Payment Methods tab in the Configuration section of the plugin. You can see the Payment Methods docs for instructions on how to configure each payment method.

NOTE: There are 2 steps to setting up payment methods in the Shopping Cart plugin.

You need to find the payment method from the list of options to configure the gateway accordingly. Each payment method has different set-up options and requirements, so be sure to view the instructions for the relevant method from the link given above.

You must also select the checkbox for the relevant payment methods. The check box list is found on the right side of the “Payment Methods” tab and can be see in the screenshot to the left. This check box list is also visible from the “General” tab in the Configuration section.

Remember to save the configuration once you have configured the payment method(s) of your choice and have selected the related check box.

If you cannot find the payment method you are looking for, make sure that it is selected in the “Screen Options” which can be seen in the top-right of the Payment Methods section and in the screenshot below.

Every payment method that is selected to show in the “Screen Options” has it’s own section which can be configured. These are all expanded by default, but clicking on the title will cause it to be hidden, this is for convenience of browsing through the options. You can also sort these sections by dragging and dropping them into the order you want. See the example below for PayPal Standard.

Hidden State

Expanded State

Sortable State

You will notice when dragging a section that a box appears with a dashed border. This indicates the position that the item will fall into when you release the click.

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