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Purchase Invoice Settings

You can edit the information and contact details that is sent out with your invoice. See the image below to see what fields you can change.

2016-06-10_12-14-49 2016-06-10_12-15-14


Changing those fields will cause the information on your invoice to be changed according to the information you specify. You can choose to:

  • Enable/Disable the invoice feature – this enables/disables the invoice feature altogether. Disabling it will mean the Shopping Cart plugin will not send an invoice to the customer after they have completed their order
  • Processing Order Email- check this checkbox if you want to send a processing email before payment
  • Attach PDF to email – Tick this setting if you want to attach the invoice as a pdf on the email
  • Additional attachment – Attach an additional file to your invoice by ticking the setting and upload it with the upload field provided
  • Show/Hide the Product Code/SKU – this is just a code (related to suppliers) that you assign to the product upon creation, you can choose to show/hide this code on the invoice.
  • Choose to display an Image you upload or Display your Company name in text– You have the choice to either display a Company Logo (image of your choice which you upload) or just the Company Name (text that you specify).
  • Enable PDF – Allow the user to save the invoice in a PDF format.

The rest of the fields should be filled accordingly.

In addition to the invoice setting fields mentioned above, you may edit the invoice template file located at wp-checkout/views/email/invoice.php . This will soon be moved into the theme folder of the theme you’re using inside wp-checkout/views/ and will become wp-checkout/views/default/email/invoice.php for example.

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