Checkout v1.6.9 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.9 release notes.


  • Products search results in it’s own search page.
  • Copy/duplicate a product.
  • File upload custom field.
  • Drag/drop interface to sort/order payment fields.
  • New overview page with totals, orders, stock and a charg/graph.
  • Ability to delete current serial key on the Plugins page.
  • View each supplier’s products individually.
  • CIM integration (extension).
  • Guest Checkout (extension).
  • Echo Global Logistics (extension).
  • Canada Nunavut province added to states/provinces.
  • Date range (from/to) filter in the Orders section.
  • Percentage price for product variation options.
  • “Continue Editing?” checkbox when saving a product.
  • Variation calculation procedure setting per product.
  • PayPal address override setting.
  • Product feeds & sitemap (extension).
  • Featured products.
  • Date picker custom field min/max date options.
  • Supplier role in WordPress for suppliers.
  • Customer role in WordPress for new users/customers via checkout.
  • Date picker custom field active days of the week (Mon – Sun).
  • Buy now mode for all payment methods.
  • Setting for truncating the product description in list view loop.
  • [raw] tags around shortcodes for compatibility with some themes.
  • Products/items, global custom fields and variations/custom fields in orders CSV export.
  • Flexible products import CSV fields.
  • Custom post types for products, categories and suppliers.


  • Improved Canada Post error messages/debugging.
  • Related products interface with scrolling.
  • TimThumb upgrade from 2.8.9 to 2.8.10.
  • “No default” option for product variation options on products.
  • Credit card logos/icons for self-hosted credit card payment methods.
  • Import products CSV performance improvements.
  • Default “- Select -” value for states/provinces during checkout.
  • jQuery UI elements border-radius for Firefox.
  • Order editing screen improvements.
  • Add Pinterest to product page social links/icons.
  • Improvements on the roles/permissions table.
  • New style and functionality for ordering/sorting of items throughout the plugin.
  • Change mysql_list_fields() to a compatible function.
  • Call TinyMCE dialog with an Ajax call rather than directly to the file.
  • Hide retail/wholesale prices on product in admin when using donation product.
  • Update Moneybookers to Skrill (Moneybookers).


  • Products additional shipping must add to API shipping.
  • Continue shopping link setting.
  • Stop generating blank orders for all users, uses carts now.
  • osCommerce products import images are not saved.
  • Paging and sorting the loop overlaps with many pages.
  • Product page “Length” is spelled incorrectly.
  • Out of stock variation option was selected after image enlargement.
  • Fixes to the supplier permissions and related supplier functions.
  • PayPal Pro/ AIM doesn’t display errors on failure.
  • Zero price text setting is ineffective.
  • Multi-site support for TimThumb images.
  • “Set as for sale” bulk action under Products is ineffective.
  • Custom/manual payment method makes other payment methods go missing.
  • FedEx not calculating weight on units/qty.
  • List/grid view mode icons don’t work.
  • Shipping tiers width and scrollable container in admin.
  • Variations editing on a product uses the same ID.
  • “Calculating…” issue in list view when custom fields/variations are shown.
  • Redirect from USPS service/rate selection to a blank page.
  • Ajax issues with other roles than ‘administrator’ and current_user_can() function.
  • Broken image thumbnail when viewing a shop category in admin.
  • Fix jQuery UI tabs + Google Analytics for WordPress plugin problem.
  • Moved “Updates” to the main “Checkout” menu in admin.

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