Shopping Cart Plugin Overview Page

The Shopping Cart plugin’s Overview page gives a bird’s eye view on the situation in your online store. The following areas are available at a glance:

Statistics Overview

This graph, displayed at the top of the Overview page, shows a handy overview of activity in the areas of Orders, Shipping, Tax and Discounts over a 30 day period. Moving your mouse cursor over the graph highlights the order figures for the day(s) over which the mouse cursor hovers, as can be seen above for the date of Sept. 18th.

Recent Orders

This area provides an overview of the 10 most recent orders placed with your online store and shows the following:

1. ID – the Order ID generated by the plugin and unique to the specific order
2. Items – the number of items purchased under each order
3. Total – the total amount of the purchase for each order
4. Paid – whether or not the payment for the order has been received and accounted for
5. Shipped – whether or not the items purchased have been shipped (if applicable)
6. Date – the date on which each order has been made (hovering the mouse cursor over the date shows also the time the purchase was made in a tooltip window)
7. “View” link – opens a View Order #… page displays the full details of an individual order, as in the screenshot below left
8. “View All Orders” button – opens the Manage Orders page that displays a list of all orders made at your online store as in the screenshot below right, from which each individual order can also be accessed and viewed

Low & Out of Stock Products

This area displays a list of products that are either low on stock or completely out of stock, to enable the store owner to take action and replenish his stock. From each list item you can click through to the individual product to edit it and/or to set the product as inactive should it not be possible to replenish the stock in the near future.

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