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PayFast for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

PayFast Installation


The following things are required to use the PayFast extension plugin:

Installation & Activation

1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and activated.

2. Download the PayFast extension plugin from the downloads management section. You will be given a file

3. Extract the file in order to obtain the checkout-payfast folder.

4. Upload the checkout-payfast folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.

5. Go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard where you can activate the Checkout – PayFast extension plugin. Alternatively, you can activate the extension plugin under Checkout > Extensions in your WordPress dashboard.

PayFast Configuration Settings

PayFast Configuration Settings

1. Title/Caption

Simply specify the title/caption of the PayFast payment method throughout the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin as it will appear on both the front-end to the customers and in the back-end to the merchant.

2. Mode

You can use PayFast in either Live or Sandbox mode but it depends completely on the PayFast account that you’re using. If your PayFast account is in test/sandbox mode, set this to Sandbox but if your PayFast account is in live/production mode, set this to Live.

3. Merchant ID

This is your unique merchant ID provided by PayFast to you. If you aren’t sure what your merchant ID is, you can find it in your PayFast account under the “Settings” menu.

4. Merchant Key

Unique merchant key which is used in conjunction with the merchant ID above. You can obtain the merchant key under the “Settings” menu in your PayFast account as well, together with the merchant ID mentioned above.

5. Debug Email

Turn On/Off the debug email. When turned on, the plugin will send you (the admin/merchant email specified in the Shopping Cart plugin) an email with data and a reason why a payment failed so that you can investigate and take action based on that. It is recommended that you turn this on as a way of troubleshooting any payment problems.


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