Checkout 1.8 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.8 release notes.


  • PayPal Recurring Billing
  • Affiliate URL for import products CSV
  • Default payment method setting
  • Cron to delete old, abandoned carts
  • Exclude from tax setting per custom field
  • Required/not required setting per product variation
  • Conditional payment methods
  • Datepicker custom field format setting
  • Advanced Coupons extension plugin
  • Description for variation options (optional)
  • WordPress 3.8 Compatibility & Design
  • eProcessing Network AIM emulation
  • Conditional Shipping Methods enhancement
  • WordPress Widget API
  • Setting to change invoice title “Order Receipt” to something else
  • PayPal Express Checkout (extension)
  • 2CO Direct Checkout integration
  • 2CO recurring payments
  • Wholesale pricing (extension)
  • Add controls for the invoice formatting


  • Don’t show shipping calculation errors for first checkout
  • Theme My Login recommendation
  • Better Theme My Login integration
  • ‘Downloads Management’ link showing up when not needed
  • Move ‘Discount Coupons’ settings to ‘Calculations’ tab under Checkout > Configuration
  • New help tooltip icon design
  • New icon for TinyMCE editor button
  • Show completed date on invoices instead of current date
  • PayPal is showing up as default payment method for uncompleted orders
  • Export orders CSV to include discount coupon(s) used on an order
  • Save Product title field width in WordPress 3.8+
  • New menu icon using Dashicons
  • SMTP port and protocol settings for outgoing emails
  • Hide suppliers from search results (thx Trishah)
  • Scroll for ddSlick drop down options
  • Conditional Shipping Methods
  • Remove the 2CO single/multiple setting which is no longer valid
  • Add width x length to order export
  • New “No Image” image as a placeholder
  • Use jQuery .isFunction() in certain places to prevent JS errors
  • Unify deging setting/mode throughout Tribulant plugins
  • TinyMCE editor for the universal text message setting
  • Enable HTML on Universal Message Box
  • Redirect when checkout is accessed without any order
  • PayPal Pro Success and Success With Warning should be completed and paid
  • New, responsive ‘default’ theme folder design
  • Display tax cost on variations and options


  • Product variations cause calculation problems with quantity
  • Fixes to order amounts for subtotal, tax, shipping, total, etc.
  • USPS Peurto Rico services/rates doesn’t work (US Possession)
  • Menu conflict. Change add_object_page to add_menu_page
  • phpMailer properties are being modified globally
  • Handling not showing on invoice when using coupon
  • jQuery UI tooltip error
  • Import CSV “Choose a checkout type” error
  • Showcase product tabs issue
  • Handling/surcharge not going through to PayPal Standard
  • USPS International duplicate shipping rates/services
  • Per square not calculating decimal values
  • PayPal Pro global custom fields create incorrect totals
  • PayPal Pro with handling/surcharge creates incorrect totals
  • Discount coupon applying incorrect discount until checkout
  • Price range widget goes to home page
  • Missing email template files
  • Donation items should not be grouped in the shopping cart
  • Fix TinyMCE editor for additional descriptions causing rnrn characters
  • Inactive products in the shopping cart
  • Dashboard widget shows for all roles
  • Product image broken when creating product and there are errors
  • Deging checkbox setting only works under General tab
  • Realex redirect improvements to response/return
  • Categories thumbnail dimensions setting hidden
  • Duplicate coupon codes using bulk generate
  • PayPal Pro auth & capture doesn’t mark invoice as paid
  • Product inventory double deduction

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