Checkout: Manage Product Variations

Checkout > Product Variations


1. Add New

To create a new Product Variation you need to click on the “add new” button.

2. Search Product Variation

If you already created quite a few Product Variations and need to search for a specific variation, you can type in that variation name and click search and find that variation.

3. Bulk Actions

If you would like to delete Product Variations you can click on the bulk action and delete the selected variation you would like to delete in the table.

4. Paging

This displays the Product Variations you already have available and you can toggle trough the tables as needed.

5. Product Variation actions

If you hover over a selected variation you have 4 options. 1, is to edit your variation if you feel the need to do so, 2, you can just delete that variation permanently if you do not need it anymore, 3, you can view your variation or 4, sort the variation options in the order you need it.

6. Per Page Display

With this option you can choose how many Product Variations you would like to be displayed per table.

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