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Suncorp Extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

This extension plugin gives you the ability to sell online and accept payments using Suncorp. The Suncorp Payment Client is the interface that provides a secure method of communication between your online store and the Payment Server, which facilitates the processing of payments.


1. Make sure you have WordPress and the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed.

2. Purchase the Suncorp Extension and then download it from your downloads management section in ZIP format.

Automatic Installation

3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload in your WordPress dashboard where you can browse to the file and then click the “Install Now” button. Upon successful installation you will be given the option to activate the plugin immediately so you can click the “Activate Plugin” link and skip the upcoming activation instructions.


Manual Installation

1. Extract the ZIP archive named in order to be presented with a single folder named checkout-suncorp.

2. Upload the checkout-suncorp folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation, as seen in the example image below. Follow the upcoming activation instructions to activate the Suncorp extension plugin.


Once you have installed the Checkout- Suncorp extension via FTP you need to activate it.

To activate it you need to go to the normal Plugins > Installed Plugins section via your admin sidebar. There you will see the extension as a plugin listed amongst other plugins, as in the screenshot below:

Before Activation

After Activation


Once activated you will see it listed in the Checkout > Extensions section (via the “Checkout” menu item in the admin sidebar), as seen in this image below:



Configure the Suncorp payment gateway integration under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > Suncorp or alternatively under Checkout > Extensions > Settings > Suncorp.


1. Title

The title/caption for the Suncorp payment method/gateway as it will display throughout the plugin to both your clients/customers on the front-end and in the back-end as well. You can put any identifiable string in here that you want to use for it.

2. Pay URL

Insert your Pay URL provided by Suncorp for your account.

3. Access Code

Obtain the access code under Admin > Configuration Details of your Suncorp merchant administration and enter it here.

4. Secure Secret

Obtain the secure secret under Admin > Configuration Details of your Suncorp merchant administration and enter it here.

5. Merchant ID

Enter your unique merchant ID as provided by Suncorp.

6. Order Info

Enter the description that you want to show on transactions.

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