Checkout 1.8.2 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin version 1.8.2 release notes.


  • Go to section” drop down in configuration to jump quickly
  • Suncorp Virtual POS (extension)
  • SEO (extension)


  • Default theme CSS for tablets/small screens
  • Improved WordPress plugin file header
  • Change wp_setcookie() to wp_set_auth_cookie();
  • Change wp_login() to wp_signon()
  • Sort/order additional content/description tabs per product
  • PayPal prompt with IPN URL instead of confirm to copy easier
  • Permalink with “View Product” and “Get Shortlink” buttons when saving product
  • New non-ajax serial key alternative
  • “Settings” link for the plugin in the “Plugins” section of the dashboard.
  • New user-friendly select drop down menus in admin


  • Anyone can save a PDF from any order
  • Default shipping method setting ineffective in some cases
  • “Page not found” when creating a product with a page
  • Duplicate pages being created for products
  • PayPal IPN sometimes not marking orders as Paid
  • Default theme long variation options overlapping
  • Tax not showing on invoice for manual/custom payment method
  • Shipping APIs not properly included into order total and email invoices
  • States selection ineffective under target markets
  • Variation Caption for radio buttons and checkboxes

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