Checkout: Action – checkout_admin_pmethods_metaboxes


The checkout_admin_pmethods_metaboxes action hook lets you do something when the metaboxes are registered for the Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods section.

You can use this to add your own metabox with settings for your own payment method for example.


Use the action hook like this:

add_action('checkout_admin_pmethods_metaboxes', 'pmethods_metaboxes', 10, 1);


  • $page – The current dashboard page slug for the metaboxes


function pmethods_metaboxes($page = null) {
add_meta_box('mypmethod', "My Payment Method", "settings", $page, 'normal', 'core');

function settings() {
//output HTML here for settings as needed

add_action('checkout_admin_pmethods_metaboxes', 'pmethods_metaboxes', 10, 1);

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