Checkout: Action – checkout_process_order_X


The checkout_process_order_X action hook runs after the billing step of checkout, when the customer has chosen the payment method to pay with.

X in the hook name is replaced with the slug of your payment method. So if the slug of your payment method is “mypmethod”, then the hook will be checkout_process_order_mypmethod.


add_action('checkout_process_order_mypmethod', 'process_order', 10, 3);


  • $order – An Object with all the data of the order
  • $user – An Object with all the data of the user (if available, logged in users only)
  • $params – Additional parameters which may be passed through


function process_order($order = null, $user = null, $params = null) {

// You can now output a payment form.
// Either one that will be filled in and submitted or even a form with hidden fields that submits with Javascript


<form action="" method="">
<!-- payment form fields here -->


add_action('checkout_process_order_mypmethod', 'process_order', 10, 3);


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