Checkout 1.8.6 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.8.6 release notes


  • Extra file attachment on order receipt/invoice emails
  • ‘checkout_image_attributes’ Filter Hook
  • Preparation for multilingual integration
  • Setting on product to allow customer to choose once-off/recurring
  • eWay Rapid 3.1 API (extension)
  • PayPal Pro setting to display order summary on payment page
  • Setting to calculate tax before/after discount was applied
  • Applicable zip/postal codes per shipping method
  • Display carts cleanout schedule under Checkout > Orders section
  • Setting to include pdf in invoice email


  • Remove ‘testcookie’ ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported
  • Updated product page sharing/social buttons
  • Show update notification to users with ‘edit_plugins’ capability only
  • Button to hide update notification
  • Allow HTML in invoice, custom fields and other places
  • Do not create carts unnecessarily
  • Improvements to eWay AU Shared payment gateway
  • New credit card icon images
  • New invoice settings interface
  • Updated welcome/about page
  • Show items in cart from first added to last added
  • New country selection interface on shipping methods
  • PayGate PayXML IP Address added to request for PayProtector
  • Improved product save page content areas metabox integration
  • has_archive for custom post types to allow better breadcrumbs
  • Use flush_rewrite_rules() to ensure custom post type permalinks work
  • Text inputs for page drop downs for sites with many pages
  • Change “Donate Caption” to “Variable Caption” in admin
  • Replace ddSlick with Select2


  • User ID becomes 0 on orders in some cases
  • Duplicate shop page output with [checkout_search]
  • Catchable fatal error with username preference if it exists
  • Orders/carts clean out not working consistently
  • Post/page link when viewing supplier is broken in admin
  • BluePay Expiry date
  • Double quotes on product variations

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