Checkout: SagePay PayNow Payment Gateway

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: SagePay Pay Now payment gateway extension



1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed.

2. Download the SagePay Pay extension after purchasing it from the downloads management section in a ZIP archive (you may need to login to your Tribulant Software account in order to access your download).

3. Extract the ZIP archive named in order to be presented with a single folder named checkout-sagepaynow.

4. Upload the checkout-sagepaynow folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation,like seen in the example image below.


Once you have installed theSagePay Pay Now extension via FTP you need to activate it.

To activate it you need to go to the normal Plugins > Installed Plugins section via your admin sidebar. There you will see the extension as a plugin listed amongst other plugins, look at the screenshot below.


Once you activate the plugin, then in “Checkout > Extensions” section, the SagePay Pay Now Payment Gateway is now available to be activated. When you hover it a red “Activate” will appear, once activated the red message on the right becomes green text stating “Installed and Activated“. The SagePay Pay Now extension is now available in the “Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods” section.



To configure the SagePay Pay Now extension to work on your site and make payments to your account you need to go to “Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods” section. In the Payment Methods tab you will see many options listed here, scroll until you find the “SagePay Pay Now” option as seen in the screenshot below. Fill out the fields accordingly. Don’t forget to select the checkbox for SagePay Pay Now in the scroll box on the far right and save the configuration when you’re done.


1. Title/caption

This will be the title/name of your payment method that will be seen by your customers.

2. Service Key

After opening your SagePay account on SagePay Pay Now website , you can get the service key under Account Profile>Sage Connect> Pay Now

Configure your SagePay Pay Now Account

You can login with your username, password and pin on the SagePay Pay Now website.

Then go to Account Profile > Sage Connect > Pay Now where you’ll need to fill in your URLs and configure other settings.


1. Active

Mark this checkbox if you need to activate your SagePay Go Now account

2. Email

Your email address

3. Service Key

Your service key

4. Allow credit card payments

Check this checkbox if you want to allow credit card payments

5. Accept URL

The “Accept URL” setting will simply be the URL to your “Shopping Cart” page on your site.

6. Pre-defined Decline URL

You may leave this “Pre-defined decline URL” field empty or set it to “NONE“.

7. Decline URL

The “Decline URL” setting will simply be the URL to your “Shopping Cart” page on your site.

8. Make test mode active

Check this checkbox if you’re using test mode.

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