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WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release notes


  • Activate/deactivate row action for discount coupons
  • New shipping tracking API for multiple shipping methods
  • New Select2 drop down menus for front-end SELECT elements
  • Loading overlay on empty cart widget


  • Blank index.php file to prevent indexing/crawling of plugin files/folders
  • Removed more Strict Standards PHP warning messages
  • Change product title database field to cater for longer strings and multilingual
  • New CSS3 loading image, compatible with high resolutions (retina)
  • Updated about/welcome page
  • Better products drop down when adding digital files
  • Object cache on totals such as tax, shipping, discount, etc.


  •  Shipping tiers with coupon code calculates incorrect total
  • Global custom field on billing/shipping step not calculating when paying with PayPal
  • Variation option percentage price not showing correctly
  • Coupon codes with limits issue
  • FedEx tracking link not working
  • user_id on items become 0
  • Calculation issue with 100% discount coupon
  • Order product variations not ordered
  • Shipping page issues related to shipping methods, zipcodes, etc.
  • Fatal error in updates section of plugin on failure
  • Some values don’t update when editing an order in admin
  • Help tooltips broken

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