Checkout – PayPal Pro Hosted


PayPal Pro Hosted Solution for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.





1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and activated and that you have purchased the PayPal Pro Hosted extension plugin.

2. Download the PayPal Pro Hosted extension plugin from your downloads management section in ZIP format and install it in WordPress > Plugins > Add New and then skip to step 4, OR extract the ZIP file to obtain the checkout-ppprohosted folder.

3. Upload the checkout-ppprohosted to wp-content/plugins/ in your WordPress installation.

4. You can then activate the extension either under the Plugins section in WordPress or under Checkout > Extensions in the Shopping Cart plugin.



To start configuring your PayPal Pro Hosted extension plugin in order to sell, go to Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > PayPal Pro Hosted where you will see all the settings.


1. Title

The title for the PayPal Pro Hosted payment method in your shop as it will be displayed to your customers and also throughout the administration panel on orders, etc.

2. Mode

You can set the mode to Live or Sandbox. Live would be for a real, live PayPal account while Sandbox is if you’re using a test/sandbox account created on the PayPal Developer site.

3, 4 & 5. Username, Password & Signature

These are your PayPal Pro API credentials which can be obtained in your PayPal account or PayPal Developer account.



With a live PayPal account, go to Profile > My Selling Tools > API Access to obtain your credentials.



With a sandbox PayPal account, go to Dashboard > Sandbox > Accounts and click Profile for the specific account where you’ll see an API Credentials tab.

Now that you have the username, password and signature, fill them into the three fields of the configuration settings and save the settings accordingly.


You are ready to start accepting PayPal Pro Hosted payments on your WordPress site now.

To test the credit card portion of PayPal Pro Hosted, you can generate mock credit card numbers.

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