Checkout: Recurring Payments

You can now create recurring products/services in your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and use one of the following payment methods to do the automatic, reoccurring billing of those products/services for you:

Setup a recurring product

Checkout>Products- Add new – Checkout Type Recurring


(Some Payment methods may gave different options, but these are the basics in setting up a recurring product.)

1.) Checkout Type

Select Recurring Payment for reoccuring billing.

2.) Once-Off Choice

Select this checkbox if you want to give the customer a once-off payment choice as well.

3.) Text

Insert any text you’d like to show on the product page regarding the recurring product.

4.) Payment Method

Select your Payment method to handle recurring payments.

Please note: In order to use a recurring payment on a payment gateway extension, you’ll need to have the extension active before the payment option will become available in the Payment Method Dropdown menu for selection.

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