Slideshow Gallery Release Notes v1.6.3

WordPress Slideshow Gallery 1.6.3 release notes.


  • Allow html in description of slides
  • Set line-height on icons
  • Auto hide thumbnails bar if only one image/slide
  • Featured posts in TinyMCE button/icon dialog
  • No items tables in admin sections


  • Changing paths causes media uploaded slides thumbnails to break
  • Prev an Next buttons not showing in some browsers (Firefox)
  • Update issue
  • Image overlay (Colorbox) close icon not working in some browsers (FireFox)
  • Overflow of thumbnails slider with very narrow slideshow
  • Next & Prev arrows not showing in Colorbox overlay
  • Slideshow is sliding with only one slide/image available
  • Possible security vulnerability with malicious strings in slides/galleries

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