Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.8 Release Notes


Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.8 release notes.

  • ADD: Set an expiry date on a slide
  • ADD: Use WP_List_Table for proper, responsive tables in admin
  • IMPROVE: Static textdomain for easier translation
  • IMPROVE: Update WP Color Picker
  • IMPROVE: http:// to https://
  • IMPROVE: hange INPUT to BUTTON element in several places
  • IMPROVE: Prevent conflict with outdated Select2 versions from other plugins
  • FIX: Jetpack Lazy Load causes problems with slides
  • FIX: url() function sometimes breaks plugin path
  • FIX: Use link on slide confusion and not opening
  • FIX: Apostrophe in gallery title/name won’t save
  • FIX: “No slides are available” due to getimagesize() not supported

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