Slideshow Gallery Release Notes v1.3

WordPress Slideshow Gallery 1.3 release notes.


  • Show latest/featured products from Shopping Cart plugin
  • Plugin “Settings” link on the “Plugins” page in WordPress
  • TimThumb crop position setting
  • WordPress multi-site compatibility
  • Sortable columns in all admin sections
  • Help tooltips in admin
  • Sliders for speed settings
  • Color picker for color settings
  • Delete image upon deletion of locally created slide
  • WordPress 3.8+ design and compatibility
  • Multiple slideshows on a single page
  • Responsive design for mobiles and tablets
  • Debugging setting in configuration


  • Colorbox upgrade/fix
  • Use wp_upload_dir() for dynamic paths
  • Better thumbnail slider using CSS calc
  • Move images to default theme folder
  • New TinyMCE icon/button
  • New dashicons menu icon
  • When the nav arrows are turned off, the link click area should be full
  • Automatically center align images in the slideshow


  • Empty/zero thumbs spacing causes JS error
  • Deleting a slide leaves empty reference in gallery
  • Information overlaps arrows when long
  • Permissions settings not working
  • Turning off autoslide setting doesn’t stop autoslide
  • Javascript error due to tooltip() call
  • Width/height of slideshow is less than the settings

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