Slideshow Config: Technical Settings & WordPress Related

Slideshow Gallery > Configuration > Technical Settings

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Javascript Output

Select wether you want the Javascript output to be per slideshow or all in footer.

Slideshow Gallery > Configuration > WordPress Related


Language External

You can turn this setting on to load an external language file- Place the .mo file inside wp-content/languages/slideshow-gallery/ with the correct file name. Name the language file

The language files of the Slideshow Gallery plugin are separately distributed. There are two reasons for this:

  1. To reduce the size of the plugin which needs to be installed/uploaded
  2. To allow you to host the languages in an external folder to prevent it from being overwritten


This section allows you to assign different levels of security to different groups of users. All the way through from Contributors (Level 1) to Administrators (Level 10), you can choose which WordPress user level on your WordPress site has the right to access which sections of  the back-end of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. This will make a new section visible which is explained below.

This is a list of every section in available in the plugin. Checkboxes are available for each WordPress user role. All the admin boxes are selected by default and you can then add more roles to access various sections of the plugin. Example, allowing Editors to create and send newsletters as you can see in the screenshot.

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