Slideshow – Manage Slides

In this section of the plugin you will be able to manage, edit and add new slides.

Slideshow > Manage Slides

Manage Slides

1. Add New

Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Slide’ section where you can create a new slide. New slides added will show up on this ‘Manage Slides’ screen after they are added.

2. Add Multiple

You can add more than one slide at a time, by using the “Add Multiple” section.

3. Bulk Actions

These bulk actions allow you to select multiple slides from the table using the checkboxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records.

You will be able to bulk delete, add, remove or set galleries on your slides.

4. Order Slides

This page lets you order all slides shown with [tribulant_slideshow]. Drag and drop the slides in the order you want them.

Here is a video that shows you how to order slides in the Slideshow Gallery plugin:

5. Slides

All slides added will show up in this section of the plugin.

6. Galleries

The “Galleries” column will show the gallery to which the slideshow belongs to.

7. Link

If a slide have a clickable link on, it will show here.

Save a Slide

Save a Slide


This title is for your reference in management and it will also be used to display the title of the slide in the information bar if you have that turned on.


The description is specifically used for the information bar if you have that turned on.

Show Information

You can choose to show both title and description, only title, only description or not show the information bar at all. Please note that this setting is only effective when the information bar is turned on in configuration or via a parameter in shortcode or hardcode.

Info Opacity

The opacity of the information bar from 0 to 100 where 0 is transparent and 100 is opague.


You can organize/assign a slide to multiple galleries as needed. It is easy to display a slideshow with the slides of a specific gallery then.

Save a Slide

Image Type

Do you want to specify a URL to your image, upload the image file manually or select from WordPress Media? Specifying a URL will still copy the image file remotely from the location to your server so uploading is recommended to prevent any restrictions or errors.

Choose Image

Simply choose an image file from your computer to upload for this slide. Only .jpg, .png and .gif are supported and in rare cases .bmp but please try and prevent using .bmp files.

Use Link

Turn this on to specify a link/URL for this slide to link to when it is clicked.

Expiry Date

This is optional and can be left empty. Set a date when the slide should stop displaying.

Save Slide

Save the slide after you filled in all the above.

Save Multiple Slides

Choose images

Upload multiple images from the media library by  (Ctrl/Shift + click)


Load Alt, Caption, Description and/or Title variables by clicking on appropriate Variables button for each slide.


Select the gallery/galleries to which you want to assign the multiple slides and click “Save Multiple Slides” button.

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