WHOIS Config: General Settings

Tools > WHOIS > General Settings


1. Search Form Method

This is set to Regular POST. The other option Ajax Request. This setting controls how the domain search method is handled by the WHOIS form.

2. Security Check

This option is set to Human Check by default. The other method of checking is to use Captcha Image which requires the Really Simple Captcha plugin which can be downloaded from WordPress. The Human Check requires a mathematical calculation to be entered. This displays an image or calculation for accurate human input recognition. Security can be turned OFF altogether.

3. Background Color

Set the background color of the captcha image

4. WHOIS Output

It can be set to “Full Information” or “Short: Available/Not Available only”. The first mentioned will output all details regarding the domain such as nameserver details, contact information, technical information, etc. while the short version simply shows whether or not the domain is available and doesn’t show any technical details.

5. Highlight Fields

This is set to “Yes” by default.  This option highlights important fields in the whois output (eg. status, nameservers, etc)

6. Clean Output

This is set to “Yes” by default. This setting will “clean” the whois output of extraneous text when set to “Yes”. It is recommended that you turn this on.

7. Redirect When “Available”

This is set to “No” by default. When a domain is searched for and is available, the plugin can do a redirect to a specified URL.

8. Turn On Cache

This is turned “Off” by default. This option turns the Cache On or Off. Caching turned on will speed up searches.

9. TinyMCE Button

This is set to “On” by default. Turn this On for a TinyMCE button to quickly insert WHOIS form when using the TinyMCE editor.

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