WordPress WHOIS : Installation

Installing the WordPress WHOIS plugin on your WordPress website is a rather painless process and will only take a few, short minutes of your time. Please follow the instructions below.

WordPress WHOIS Plugin Installation

Download, Extract & Upload

Once you have downloaded the plugin from your downloads management section, you will need to extract the given ZIP archive on your computer in order to upload it via FTP to your “wp-content/plugins/” directory. Alternatively, you may upload the ZIP archive to your server and extract it right there via SSH or another protocol you prefer.

!Important : Be sure that the plugin folder is named “wp-whois”. If you download the plugin from WordPress.org and you get a folder named “wordpress-whois-search” after extracting the ZIP, please rename it either before or after uploading to your WordPress installation.

Plugin Configuration & Usage

Please see the WordPress WHOIS plugin usage section for useful links to instructional descriptions & illustrations.

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