WP WHOIS: Post/Page Embedding

WordPress WHOIS plugin post/page embedding

WordPress WHOIS v1.2.5

You can embed the WordPress WHOIS plugin domain search form into any WordPress post/page by putting a code string directly into the content of the post page, preferably in the HTML view of the WordPress editor. See the example below.


In case you need to change the string that embeds the domain search form into your WordPress posts/pages, you can go ahead and edit the “wp-whois-plugin.php” file inside the plugin folder and change the $whois_ptrn class variable of the wpWhoisPlugin class.

Please Note: This embedding code will work in later versions of the WordPress WHOIS plugin though it is deprecated and will be removed from the package in the future.

WordPress WHOIS v1.2.X

This release of the WordPress WHOIS search plugin integrates fully with the WordPress shortcodes API. You can embed a domain WHOIS search form into any WordPress post/page by using the “whois” shortcode. See the example.


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