WordPress WHOIS v1.2.5 Release Notes


WordPress WHOIS plugin v1.2.5 Release Notes

  • Referral/affiliate redirect
    The domain whois search plugin now has a referral/affiliate redirect feature built in which can be turned on/off in the “Tools” > “WHOIS” section. When turned on, a specified URL will be opened when a domain has the status “Available”. Dynamic variables like {domain} and {tld} can be used in the URL which will be replaced with the values of the domain being searched for.
  • Removed “Whois Lookup” from search form
    The search form used to have the heading/title “Whois Lookup” which has now been removed permanently.
  • Sidebar widget(s)
    Unlimited sidebar widgets are available to your use. There is currently only one type of sidebar widget which will display a domain search form and output either “Error”, “Available” or “Registered” depending on the domain being searched for.
  • Status message bug
    Bug fix related to the “Available/Registered” status of a domain being shown.
  • Ajax domain search form
    In the “Tools” > “WHOIS” section, you can turn on/off the Ajax features. When turned on, the domain whois search form will use Ajax technology to submit domain searches without any page refresh.

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