About this Newsletter Template

A rich, elegant and professional newsletter template intended for restaurants, coffee shops and bistros.

It is a single column, multi-block email theme which makes it easy to showcase and highlight important parts of any restaurant such as new dishes, the menu, important events and distinct selling points.

To start using it, simply install it using the given instructions then replace the images, change colours as needed and insert snippets of content as needed to link readers back to the website.

Included is well coded HTML that validates, all images, font files for all fonts used and a Photoshop (PSD) file which is the original source from which it was designed. You can change the colours to match your restaurant's style, or modify it to use it for any type of business.

You can use this with any email/newsletter software but an additional and dedicated HTML file is included for our WordPress Newsletter plugin that contains all the necessary shortcodes for your site's name, the date, issue number, unsubscribe and more.

See the online documentation for installation and usage instructions.

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