Easily integrate any of the majority of 3rd party affiliate programs into your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with ease.

Most affiliate programs provide you with a clicks tracking and/or a sales tracking code. The first one is used to record incoming referrals to your website from affiliate links and the sales tracking/conversion code records when a purchase has been made so that the affiliate program can calculate the commission and apply it to the referring affiliate.

The Affiliates & Tracking extension allows you to paste both of these types of code, either in HTML, JavaScript or PHP with placeholders/variables to communicate with your affiliate program by sending it certain values such as the user ID, order ID, order total amount, and more as needed.

Using an affiliate program like AffiliateWP helps you to drastically increase your sales of your products and services simply because people want to promote your business with affiliate links and in return earn commission for referred sales.

Additionally, Google Analytics pageviews and ecommerce tracking features are included. You simply fill in your Google Analytics tracking ID number and the plugin will do the rest for you. Our plugin currently supports Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA). You can turn On/Off the pageviews tracking and ecommerce tracking individually.

Read the Affiliates & Tracking documentation for instructions.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • clicksreferral-tracking

    Clicks/Referral Tracking

    Track incoming clicks/referrals to your website from external affiliate links if your affiliate program supports it.

  • track-salesconversions

    Track Sales/Conversions

    Completed sales conversions can be tracked and recorded easily with a tracking code from your affiliate program and dynamic variables.

  • google-analytics

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics pageviews and ecommerce tracking are included. For ecommerce tracking it submits all orders through to Google Analytics as they are completed to include them in your site's stats.