The Amazon FPS payment gateway extension plugin allows you to receive payments via multiple payment methods in your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Customers add products to their shopping cart, go through the checkout procedure of filling in their shipping/billing details and they are then sent through to the secure Amazon FPS payment gateway page to make a payment. Upon payment, customers are sent back to your WordPress site to update the order and send out invoices accordingly.

You can read more about the Amazon FPS payment gateway and apply online with Amazon to start selling immediately. You'll need to install this extension plugin in addition to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin as a requirement.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • flexible-configuration

    Flexible Configuration

    Configure the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with your Amazon FPS details, specify a title/caption and switch the mode between live/sandbox for testing and production purposes.

  • secure-payment-page

    Secure Payment Page

    Amazon FPS payments are made by your customers through a secure payment page protected on an SSL protocol to keep your customers safe at all times.

  • amazon-account

    Amazon Account

    Amazon Payments FPS provides you with a usable account area where you can see your account balance, search for transactions and execute all needed actions.