An integration with the WordPress Newsletter plugin has been made into the Gravity Forms plugin to capture subscribers through forms.

When you create/edit Gravity Forms plugin forms on your WordPress website, a "Newsletters" field is available under "Advanced Fields" to add a subscribe checkbox to your form.

You can configure this "Newsletters" field by specifying a custom caption, auto checking it, adding a custom checkbox label, choosing the list(s) that users will be subscribed to and also map Gravity Forms fields to custom fields in the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

As users fill in your Gravity Forms plugin form and the subscribe checkbox is checked, their email address and other chosen fields are subscribed as you configured it.

View the installation and set-up documentation for details.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    Manage your Gravity Forms Subscribers extension plugin through WordPress as needed. Purchase, install and activate through WordPress to start capturing subscribers!

  • newsletters-field

    "Newsletters" Field

    With the Gravity Forms Subscribers extension plugin installed and active, a "Newsletters" field will appear under "Advanced Fields" to add a subscribe checkbox to your forms and configure all aspects of it as needed.

  • subscribe-checkbox

    Subscribe Checkbox

    The newsletters subscribe checkbox appears on the Gravity Forms plugin form(s) as you configured it on the front. As your users fill in the form and check the checkbox, they will be subscribed according to your settings.

Video of the Gravity Forms Subscribers extension