Capture sales through with your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and allow your customers to save multiple cards to their profile using CIM for reuse at a later stage.

With your account details filled into the plugin settings, sales will be captured through keeping customers on your site at all times. As a customer fills in their card details, a checkbox is available to save the card details for reuse at a later time.

Next time the same customer goes through checkout on your site, the previously saved card profiles are available to choose from for immediate payment.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • authorizenet-cim CIM

    Configure CIM with your API Login ID and transaction key to start capturing sales and customer profiles immediately.

  • card-profiles

    Card Profiles

    Customers can save card profiles during checkout and reuse those card profiles at a later stage when they checkout on your site again.

  • secure-customer-profiles

    Secure Customer Profiles

    All customer shipping, billing and payment data is stored in your CIM panel where it is safe and secure.