Calculate a variety of shipping services and rates for your customers during the checkout procedure using our own Tribulant WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and Echo Global Logistics.

The plugin will take your Echo account information and send a request through to Echo on the shipping step of the checkout procedure to calculate shipping for the order. Included in the request is the origin address, destination address, order weight/dimensions and other data.

Echo will respond to the plugin request with a list of services/rates available based on the shipment and the available carriers. These services/rates include multiple carriers to choose from, making it flexible for your customers at all times.

It is easy to use and makes the shipping part of ordering on your WordPress website easier. You can sign up for a shipping account right now!

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    Easily install, active and start using your Echo extension plugin to fetch shipping services/rates for your customers.

  • configure-echo

    Configure Echo

    Configure your Echo shipping method with your Echo details and other settings in order to start using it in your shop.

  • shipping-servicesrates

    Shipping Services/Rates

    Echo will return shipping services/rates from multiple carriers based on order origin, destination, weight, dimensions, etc.